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A family owned business that cooks for you!
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Menu Items Added to Website on Sunday

Each week 4 new or featured Ready to Cook Meals are added to the website.

Order Your Meals & Goodies Online

Order the Ready to Make Meals and Goodies that you want to pick up on Friday.  Or stop in store and shop from the current inventory. 

Pay Online For Your Goodies

You will pay for your meals and other goodies online by credit or debit card, or cash or check in store.

Pick Up Your Order at our Location

Pick up your order at 1010 E. 4th St in Colby on Friday between 4 and 6 pm for all preorders. Look for the YELLOW DOOR.

Cook Your Meal

Cook your Ready to Make Meal according the instructions on the meal and enjoy the already made extra Goodies you got!

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